About Oran Environmental Solutions  

Oran Environmental Solutions Limited is a leading integrated environmental solutions provider of waste management, environmental recycling and recovery solutions based in Grangemouth, with facilities and business throughout the UK. Oran Environmental Solutions Limited is committed to providing customers with a broad range of integrated waste management and recycling services, with particular emphasis on recycling, material recovery of all waste streams and reduction of waste to landfill. Oran Environmental Solutions provides professional, cost effective and efficient waste solutions and services, including collection and materials recovery, waste minimisation, on-site recycling and consultancy.


Employing 200 people, Oran Environmental Solutions Limited operates in 4 conveniently located sites around the UK. Oran Environmental Solutions is actively focused on improving existing services and expanding into new areas, new recycling initiatives and the development of state-of-the-art bio sludge waste treatment operations.

Oran Environmental Solutions Limited has a wide and diverse customer portfolio which includes contracts with local authorities, a range of quoted companies and independent businesses, and a strong presence in the local residential area of Falkirk, Grangemouth, Stirling, Alloa, Fife, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

The company employs a highly qualified and professional team consisting of experienced management, operational, technical, administration, financial, sales and consultancy personnel.  The versatility and diversity enables our specialised teams to operate a co-ordinated and collaborative approach, both with one another and with our customers.  From head office base, we maintain close personal contact with our satellite teams around the UK.

Oran Environmental Solutions approach is direct, straightforward and tailored around each individual customer, always committed to promoting and implementing sustainable environmental solutions.

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